Funding Options

Funding For Services

ASI guides each family to help discove which funding source is ther best match. Our team of experts are trained to guide families to the ideal funding match and once the match is identified, ASI experts facilitate the authorization process. Let ASI help identify your ideal funding source. Contact ASI today.

Health Insurance

Let ASI do the work for you. ASI has a team of dedicated insurance handlers that will work with your insurance company to determine eligibility and co-pays.

ASI accepts INSURANCE for the following services: 

  • Evaluations (include identifying an Autism Diagnosis)
  • ABA Services
  • Social Skills Groups
  • Speech & OT Services
  • Individual & Family Counseling

Regional Center

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ASI became vendored with the Regional Center of Orange County in 2009. Regional Centers are located throughout California and serve as a support to provide funding, guidance, resources and advocacy for families & individuals with special needs.

School District

ASI is pleased to partenr with families and schools to ensure every ASI client is receiving the best education

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) mandates additional services for children who have been diagnosed with autism (and/or other learning disabilities). This is a federal program which guarantees access to public education for individuals ages three to 21. IDEA is implemented by state, county and local offices and school districts in order to guide you through the process to obtain services and financial resources for your child.

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Private Pay

ASI utilizes the private pay option for families who prefer not to use traditional funding sources or that do not qualify for traditional funding sources. Typically, private pay is used as a last resort.