Our High Standards

Autism Spectrum Interventions (ASI) provides interventions that are regarded as “Established Treatments” by the National Autism Center (NAC). The NAC is an organization whose purpose is to determine, through scientific research, what treatments are proven to be effective for individuals with autism. Many of these treatments have also been shown to be effective for other individuals in the special needs community.

ASI utilizes Positive Behavior Intervention strategies. This ensures that each individual we serve responds to intervention through the reinforcement of appropriate behaviors. Positive Behavior Intervention also ensures the teaching of appropriate replacement behaviors to substitute challenging behaviors. Positive Behavior Intervention is a safe and effective way of changing challenging behaviors into appropriate behaviors.

ASI understands that parents are a great asset to any successful program of individuals with special needs. Most often parents can contribute information about their son or daughter more fully than anyone else. ASI begins the inclusion of parents during the first contact with a family and continues this inclusion throughout the entire time of service.

ASI utilizes intensive one-to-one behavior intervention in conjunction with parent training to maximize the effects of learning across settings and people in an individual’s life.

ASI Utilizes the following Established Treatments

  • Antecedent Package
  • Behavioral Package
  • Joint Attention Intervention
  • Modeling
  • Naturalistic Teaching Strategies
  • Peer Training Package
  • Pivotal Response Treatment
  • Schedules
  • Self-management
  • Story-based Intervention Package
  • Comprehensive Behavioral Treatment for Young Children (Including DTT and Incidental Teaching)