Our Services

ASI provides all your Autism Service needs. We pride ourselves with being able to help individuals on every level of the spectrum. We intensively train our staff to meet your child wherever they are and implement the plan to maximize your child’s potential.

In addition, our parent consultants work with the family to ensure everyone on the team is getting the support they need. ASI also provides traditional psychotherapy to support siblings, parents, spouses and others who are impacted.

ASI will meet you where you have the need. We will meet you in your home, community school, in our clinic or wherever support is needed.

ASI’s social skills groups help in taking our clients to the next level. We are continuously forming new groups, so contact us for your social skills needs.

Individualized Services

  • ABA Services
    ASI specializes in Applied Behavior Analysis / Intensive Behavior Intervention in the home, community, school, and clinic settings.
  • Functional Behavior Assessments
    A Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) will determine areas of strength, and areas of need. The BCBA and parents work collaboratively to ensure the appropriate intensity of service and the right skills are recommended
  • Parent Consultation
    ASI staff work with families to teach caregivers how to implement applied behavior analysis techniques within their typical daily schedule in order to ensure the highest possible quality of life for the entire family.
  • Social Skills Groups
    Social Skills Groups increase your child’s ability to interact with others by making them aware of their actions and practicing appropriate skills while having fun and making new friends!