Seana Inducil

Seana Inducil started her career in behavioral intervention with the “Boys Town” in 2009.  This intensive, behaviorally structured, group-home setting, served children with significant behavior difficulties, under the supervision of Dr. Patrick Friman, renowned in the field of ABA. Ms. Inducil was a Common Sense Parenting trainer, a Consultant for a major school district in for their implementation of the Well-Managed Classroom and ultimately was promoted to program director.  

While at ASI, Ms. Inducil has initiated collaboration with each administrative department and streamlined multiple program operations, including training, advancement opportunities, cross training, and increasing communication amongst clinical and administrative teams. She leads the ASI clinical team in navigating the ever-changing ABA practices and regulations. She continues to spearhead growth amongst the clinical and administrative teams.  Ms. Inducil is proud to lead ASI, ensuring we are your premier autism service provider.