Zanni Mata

Zanni Mata has provided ABA services to individuals with special needs since 2006. In 2012, she received her Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy and joined ASI as an Associate Clinical Supervisor and Parent Consultant. With Zanni’s background in management and marriage and family therapy she has a unique ability to develop, implement, and oversee ASI’s clinical and administrative practices.
Throughout her time with ASI, Zanni has worked very closely with ASI staff, clients, and school districts, gaining their trust in her abilities to serve and advocate on their behalf. She has developed and implemented large-scale trainings for ASI staff on clinical, administrative, and policy-related tasks, lead clinical teams to successful collaboration with IEP teams, and coordinated administrative initiatives to maximize service utilization. Zanni’s primary goal is ensuring ASI’s clients are maximizing their abilities to their fullest potential.